May-June 2016

Featured in this issue...

  • Investing in Army Energy Security
  • •Renewable Energy and the Navy
  • •Building your Federal Market Share
  • •Why Market Research Matters
  • •Using Host Nation Power Grids
  • The Air Force's Energy Strategy
  • Inside a $150 Million Energy Project


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  •  SEL military microgrids

  • Michael Baker International

By Patricia Donohue, P.E., PMP, CEM, CBCP

By Sarah Smith McEwen, IE, CFM

By G. William Quatman, Esq.

By Toy Poole, Ph.D., M.SAME

By Roseana D. Richards, P.E., LEED AP, M.SAME, and Daniel Langevin

  • SAME 2016 JETC in Phoenix