TME Vietnam Issue - 2016

Featured in the TME Vietnam Commemorative Issue...

  • Personal Stories from SAME Members
  • Articles from the TME archives 
  • •SAME Posts in Southeast Asia
  • •New Retrospectives on Military Engineering


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July-August 2016

Featured in this issue...

  • •Resilience and the Coast Guard
  • •Putting a Price Tag on Data
  • •The Contract is Not the Finish Line
  • •20 Years of Housing Privatization
  • •Better Partnering with Industry
  • A Complex Remediation in California


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By David Howard, CCP, M.SAME


By Glen Thieszen, P.E., CxA, CEM, M.SAME

By Mike Lutz, P.E., and Alan Pratt, P.E.

By Patricia Donohue, P.E., PMP, CEM, CBCP

By Sarah Smith McEwen, IE, CFM