• 2015 JETC

By Igor Stamenkovic, Ph.D., James E. Dankowski, M.SAME, and The Honorable William C. Anderson, Esq., M.SAME

By Maj. Robert T. Moore, P.E., M.SAME, USAR

By Robert M. Griffin Jr., SES, and Capt. John Kliem, P.E., CEC, M.SAME, USN

By David J. Bek, P.E., M.SAME, and Robert E. Moriarty, P.E., SES, F.SAME

By Andy Wakefield, M.SAME

By Colin Dunn, P.E., CEM, LEED AP, M.SAME, Ryan M. Macpherson, EIT, LEED Green Associate, M.SAME, and Amy C. Maples, M.SAME

By Michael Norton, M.SAME

By Bruce A. Wright and Master Sgt. Adam J. Boubede, M.SAME, USAF

By Megan Kreiger, Jedediah Alvey and Dahtzen Chu

By Axy Pagán-Vázquez, P.E., PMP, M.SAME, and Justine Yu, LEED Green Associate

By Capt. Michael J. Spencer, M.SAME, USAF

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